Обложка книги Ontologies for Bioinformatics (Computational Molecular Biology)

Ontologies for Bioinformatics (Computational Molecular Biology)


ISBN: 0262025914;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 440

Recent advances in biotechnology, spurred by the Human Genome Project, have resulted in the accumulation of vast amounts of new data. Ontologies -- computer-readable, precise formulations of concepts (and the relationship among them) in a given field -- are a critical framework for coping with the exponential growth of valuable biological data generated by high-output technologies. This book introduces the key concepts and applications of ontologies and ontology languages in bioinformatics and will be an essential guide for bioinformaticists, computer scientists, and life science researchers. The three parts of Ontologies for Bioinformatics ask, and answer, three pivotal questions: what ontologies are; how ontologies are used; and what ontologies could be (which focuses on how ontologies could be used for reasoning with uncertainty). The authors first introduce the notion of an ontology, from hierarchically organized ontologies to more general network...

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