Обложка книги Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective

Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective


ISBN: 0387252827;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 597

Prime numbers beckon to the beginner, the basic notion of primality being accessible to a child. Yet, some of the simplest questions about primes have stumped humankind for millennia. In this book, the authors concentrate on the computational aspects of prime numbers, such as recognizing primes and discovering the fundamental prime factors of a given number. Over 100 explicit algorithms cast in detailed pseudocode are included in the book. Applications and theoretical digressions serve to illuminate, justify, and underscore the practical power of these algorithms. The 2 nd edition adds new material on primality and algorithms and updates all the numerical records, such as the largest prime, etc. It has been revised throughout. From the reviews of the first edition: "…The exercises are a gold mine of interesting examples, pointers to the literature and potential research projects. … Prime Numbers is a welcome addition to the...

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