Обложка книги Rilke on Black (Mask Noir)

Rilke on Black (Mask Noir)

ISBN: 1852427817;
Издательство: Five Star
Страниц: 160

"The most startlingly original crime novel to emerge this decade."- GQ "The reading equivalent of a boxer's sharp jab to the solar plexus. It's fast-paced, tough and pretty sexy."- Pulp In south London, an unlikely gang of kidnappers-Nick, an ex-bouncer; Dex, a charismatic sociopath; and Lisa, a motormouth junkie femme fatale-hatches a plot. Their prey is a powerful local businessman with an obsession for the poet Rilke. The thing is, each kidnapper has a very different agenda, which means it's only a matter of time before the joking stops and the violence takes over. Ken Bruen 's dark contemporary thriller matches a razor-sharp vernacular with a country music soundtrack to create a truly intoxicating and original mix.