Обложка книги Adobe Acrobat 8 in the Office

Adobe Acrobat 8 in the Office

ISBN: 032147080X;
Издательство: Adobe Press
Страниц: 384

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most widely recognized tools for document management, office communications, and improved workflow, and Acrobat 8 is the most powerful version yet, introducing new tools for shared reviews, creating automated forms, license management, additional security, and many others. Now that PDF has become the ubiquitous electronic document format, industries as diverse as engineering, legal, manufacturing, and government all rely on Acrobat to make their tasks run smoother and more efficiently. Here to help guide you, Acrobat expert Donna Baker presents real-life scenarios that you can apply to any situation in which document control and management is an issue. With practical advice, productivity tips, and step-by-step directions for using the latest Acrobat features, Acrobat 8 in the Office will help you understand the broad capabilities of this a??what-can’t-it-do?a?? software. Among other useful features, this book also • Shows you how...