Обложка книги Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence

Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence

ISBN: 0470091916;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 672

Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence provides a comprehensive introduction to the new computational paradigm of Swarm Intelligence (SI), a field that emerged from biological research, and is now picking up momentum within the computational research community. Bio-inspired systems are becoming increasingly important research areas for computer scientists, engineers, economists, bioinformaticians, operational researchers, and many other disciplines. This book introduces the reader to the mathematical models of social insects collective behaviour, and shows how they can be used in solving optimization problems. Focusing on the algorithmic implementation of models of swarm behavior, this book: Examines how social network structures are used to exchange information among individuals, and how the aggregate behaviour of these individuals forms a powerful organism. Introduces a compact summary of the formal theory of optimisation. ...

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