Обложка книги Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering

Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering

ISBN: 0387281525;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 882

Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering, 2nd Edition,A provides a multi-disciplinary introduction to Solid State Engineering, combining concepts from physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, materials science and mechanical engineering.A Basic physics concepts are introduced, followedA byA a thorough treatment ofA A the technology for solid state engineering.A A A Topics include compound semiconductor bulk and epitaxial thin films growth techniques,A current semiconductor device processing and nano-fabrication technologies. Examples of semiconductor devices and a description of their theory of operation are then discussed, including transistors, semiconductor lasers and photodetectors. Revised throughout, this second edition includes new chapters on the reciprocal lattice, optical properties of semiconductors, semiconductor heterostructures, semiconductor characterization techniques, and an introduction to lasers.A A Additions and improvements have been made to the material on...

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