Обложка книги The Edge of the Bed : How Dirty Pictures Changed My Life

The Edge of the Bed : How Dirty Pictures Changed My Life

ISBN: 0316688495;
Издательство: Little, Brown

In the early '90s, after a stint as a senior editor at the groundbreaking lesbian sex journal On Our Backs , Lisa Palac took charge of a new magazine called Future Sex . Tapping into the "cyber" ethos that permeated the Bay Area scene-- Mondo 2000 was in its ascendancy, while Wired was still a full year away--the magazine achieved a quick burst of mainstream notoriety and became a longterm underground icon. But you won't need to don a full-body cybersex interface to appreciate Palac's The Edge of the Bed . With disarming honesty and self-deprecating humor, Palac writes about how she began to gain control of her sexuality. When she found a boyfriend's stash of pornography, her kneejerk reaction was to tell him that if it didn't go, she would. He managed to convince her to watch a video with her; that led to another, and another...soon, Palac was renting her own tapes and started writing her own erotic stories. Although sex-positive feminism can...