Обложка книги Noise


ISBN: 0670034959;
Издательство: Viking Adult
Страниц: 272

From the well-known science commentator and bestselling author of Fuzzy Thinking comes a revelatory look at the phenomenon of noise A celebrated maverick in the world of science, Bart Kosko introduced?and continues to popularize in print and television media?the revolutionary concept of fuzzy logic. In his latest book, he provides the first scientific history of noise aimed at the general reader. Noise is a social nuisance, a cause of deafness and high blood pressure, and an all-around annoyance. But what is noise really? As Kosko simply states, ?Noise is a signal that you don't like.? It occurs at every level of the physical universe, from the big bang to blaring car alarms. Today, noise is considered the curse of the information age, but, in fact, not all noise is bad. Debunking this and many other commonly held beliefs about noise, Kosko gives readers a vivid sense of how deeply noise permeates both the world around us and within us....