Обложка книги Numerical Computational Methods

Numerical Computational Methods


ISBN: 1842650920;
Издательство: Alpha Science Intl Ltd
Страниц: 680

Though Analytical and/or Experimental solutions for every problem are not possible, approximate solutions are. Numerical methods provide the best approximation among all. This text presents a host of numerical methods, their algorithmic presentation and computer programs in Visual Basic, FORTRAN and C++. Perhaps it is for the first time that any book provides numerical methods in Visual Basic. The text is exhaustive and illuminates basic derivations of the formulae to be converted into programs. For each program algorithm is expressed and each step of the algorithm can be directly converted into computer program statement. All topics are explicit in nature, self explanatory and student friendly. Solved problems accelerate the grasp of the particular numerical method. This can be used both as a text and a good reference book for any researcher who needs numerical evaluations in his work. The reader is expected to have only elementary knowledge of differentiation and integration.