Обложка книги The Big6 Research Notebook

The Big6 Research Notebook


ISBN: 1586832220;
Издательство: Linworth Publishing
Страниц: 16

Use this handy Big6 Notebook to help students organize their research! A·Integrate information skills into content instruction with the Big6 Research Notebook A·Keep each student on the Plan, Do, Review, path prescribed by these Big6 research gurus A·Provide each student with a copy of the Big6 Notebook to streamline the research process and complete the research project assignment The Big6 Research Notebook is designed to help your students successfully complete research and report assignments, while learning topics of interest using the Big6 approach. Every teacher-librarian dreams of an easy way to guide students through the research process - using this notebook can make that dream come true. The format is the bona fide Big6 method and is simple and easy-to-follow for students. Using this tool, the teacher-librarian can guide students through the research process in less time, with better results, and with less frustration for students. With the Big6 Notebook, the...