Обложка книги Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface

Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface

ISBN: 0873495047;
Издательство: Krause Publications
Страниц: 304

Professional studio potter Robin Hopper, drawing from nearly 50 years of experience, offers a wealth of ceramic surface decoration possibilities - some rarely ever exposed - in this brand new all-inclusive guide! The expansive range of techniques provided in Making Marks, together with the straightforward tips for successful use, is a formula guaranteeing remarkable results for potters, teachers, students, collectors, or anyone with an interest in ceramics. From the fundamentals (basic approaches to drawing, color theory, glaze development, and spatial development) to the clay processes (decoration with tools, adding and removing marks, and use of liquid and color clays), and from the pigment processes (variables of colorants, brush, stamp, spray, and pencil marks, and resistance techniques) to the glazing and firing processes (glaze application methods, heat and flame, vapor and fume, and multiple fired surfaces), this guide contains everything readers want and need to know....

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