Обложка книги The Rough Guide to Videogaming (Rough Guides Reference Series)

The Rough Guide to Videogaming (Rough Guides Reference Series)


ISBN: 1858289106;
Издательство: Rough Guides Limited

INTRODUCTION Just a decade ago, a guide to videogaming would have been inconceivable. Back then, gaming was a relatively small and exclusive club whose members were overwhelmingly male and mainly adolescent. Now, however, videogaming has emerged fromthe teenage bedroom to join the TV and VCR in millions of living rooms, and its audience is expanding at such a rate that the games industry is often able to present itself as a bigger economic sector than the movies. But, as you?ll know if you?ve ever set foot in a games store, buying a game isn?t at all like buying a movie, where chances are you know which actors or directors you like ? you?d need to be thoroughly immersed in gaming history and culture to be able to choose a game by its designer, who generally doesn?t even get a credit on the box. What?s more, with a flurry of hyped games released on a monthly basis, if you?re a typical gamer who buys a handful of new titles each year,...

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