Обложка книги A Year in Art: A Painting a Day

A Year in Art: A Painting a Day

ISBN: 379133624X; 9783791336244;
Издательство: Prestel Publishing
Страниц: 736

365 Days of Art A painting for every day of the year. Lovers of art can wake up to a new masterpiece every day. The large, user-friendly format features double-page spreads: on one side is a splendid full-color reproduction of a work of art, while on the other side is anecdotal information about the painting or quotations from the artist. In addition there is plenty of space for writing important personal dates, notations, or reflections. From cave renderings to contemporary masterpieces, Egyptian art to Picasso, Russian icons to Chagall, this global and historical collection of images makes the perfect gift for fans of any kind of art, on any occasion, for any day of the year.