Обложка книги Art After Conceptual Art (Generali Foundation Collection)

Art After Conceptual Art (Generali Foundation Collection)

ISBN: 0262511959; 9780262511957;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 276

Art After Conceptual Art tracks the various legacies of conceptualist practice over the past three decades. This collection of essays by art historians from Europe and the Americas introduces and develops the idea that conceptual art generated several different, and even contradictory, forms of art practice. Some of these contested commonplace assumptions of what art is; others served to buttress those assumptions. The bulk of the volume features newly written and highly innovative essays challenging standard interpretations of the legacy of conceptualism and discussing the influence of conceptualism’s varied practices on art since the 1970s. The essays explore topics as diverse as the interrelationships between conceptualism and institutional critique, neoexpressionist painting and conceptualist paradigms, conceptual art’s often-ignored complicity with design and commodity culture, the specific forms of identity politics taken up by the reception of conceptual art,...

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