Обложка книги Artful Ways with Polymer Clay

Artful Ways with Polymer Clay

ISBN: 1402702825;
Издательство: Sterling
Страниц: 160

In her follow-up to the popular Creative Ways with Polymer Clay , Dotty McMillan offers more techniques, more tips, and more magnificent projects to delight any crafter. All the basics are covered, with plenty of colorful photos illustrating the details: safety considerations, choosing and preparing the clay, baking, mixing colors, and mastering fundamental principles of design. See how to create incredible image transfers, produce beautiful molds, do simple silk screening, add ingenious inclusions, and glaze, crackle, antique, and more. Fashion a fabulous Knotty Bracelet, Calico Cats, Mini-Kaleidoscope pendants, funky frames, a Treasure Box, a Sparkling Sun Catcher, Stained Glass Eggs, and other exquisite items, some presented by top polymer clay artists.

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