Обложка книги Rick Steves' London 2007 (Rick Steves)

Rick Steves' London 2007 (Rick Steves)


ISBN: 1566918170;
Издательство: Avalon Travel Publishing
Страниц: 440

Who but Rick Steves can tell you the best way to see the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, and the Tower of London? With Rick Steves' London 2005, you can experience the best of everything this city has to offer-economically and hassle-free. Completely revised and updated, Rick Steves' London 2005 includes color maps and photographs, opinionated coverage of both famous and lesser-known sights; friendly places to eat and sleep; suggested day plans; walking tours and trip itineraries; clear instructions for smooth travel anywhere by car, train, or foot; and Rick's newest "back door" discoveries. America's number one authority on travel to Europe, Rick's time-tested recommendations for safe and enjoyable travel in London have been used by millions of Americans in search of their own unique travel experience.

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