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Klaus Mainzer

Thinking in Complexity: The Computational Dynamics of Matter, Mind, and Mankind

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ISBN: 3540002391
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
The theory of nonlinear complex systems has become a proven problem-solving approach in the natural sciences from laser physics to computer simulations of cell growth in biology. It is now recognized that many of our social, ecological, and political problems are also of a global, complex, and nonlinear nature. And it is now accepted the human mind is governed largely by the nonlinear dynamics of complex systems. In this wide-ranging but concise treatment, Prof. Mainzer discusses, mostly in a nontechnical language, the common framework behind these endeavors. Emphasis is given to the evolution of new structures in natural and cultural systems and we see clearly how the new integrative approach can give insights not available from traditional reductionistic methods. This new edition also treats smart materials and artificial life. A new chapter on information and computational dynamics takes up many recent discussions in the community.