Обложка книги Cultural Dimension of International Business, The (5th Edition)

Cultural Dimension of International Business, The (5th Edition)

ISBN: 0131927671;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 224

The text demonstrates how the theory, methods, and insights of cultural anthropology can influence, in a positive way, the conduct of international business operations, be they negotiating, managing, or marketing. KEY TOPICS : It explores (1) such general concepts as culture, ethnocentrism, and culture change; (2) the nature of the communication process, both linguistic and nonverbal communication; (3) a typology of value contrasts that can be applied anywhere in the world to help diagnose potential breakdowns in business communication; (4) a number of ways of collecting relevant culture-specific data on any of the hundreds of different national cultures of the world; and (5) a set of valuable skills and competencies that are vital for becoming a world class business person. MARKET : For cross-cultural trainers and human resources personnel.