Обложка книги Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills (with InfoTracA®)

Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills (with InfoTracA®)

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ISBN: 0534644589;
Издательство: Wadsworth Publishing
Страниц: 656

Through proven learning experiences that are as close to real-life practice as can be obtained from a book, DIRECT SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE: THEORY AND SKILLS prepares social work students for effective work in the field. Many of the case examples are drawn from social work practitioners as well as the authors' own practice situations. Long praised for its appropriate level of rigor, the book integrates the major theories and skills that direct social work practitioners need to understand and master--thus giving the book its reputation as the classic source for helping students learn direct practice skills. Consisting of four parts, the book begins by identifying the mission of social work, its values, and knowledge base. The authors then differentiate generalist from direct practice and explore roles of direct practitioners. Common elements amongst diverse theorists are then examined while key intervention strategies and various client population and practice settings are presented....

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