Обложка книги Effective Public Relations (9th Edition) (Effective Public Relations)

Effective Public Relations (9th Edition) (Effective Public Relations)

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ISBN: 0130082007;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 624

Effective Public Relations presents a comprehensive summary of public relations concepts, theory, principles, history, management, and practices. This a??biblea?? of the public relations field continues in its role as the single most authoritative and complete reference for public relations professionals. Still the most comprehensive and authoritative introductory book, continuing its long-standing tradition as the most-cited reference book. Often referred to as the a??bible of public relations,a?? the new edition covers the many aspects of public relations theory and practice in a variety of settings. This text also serves as the basic reference for accreditation programs worldwide. Updates examples, sources, and references to provide readers with contemporary cases, contexts, and perspectives that illustrate major concepts and issues essential to understanding the field. The new edition offers an up-to-date synthesis and interpretation of the scholarly and...

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