Обложка книги Emarketing Excellence, Second Edition (Emarketing Essentials)

Emarketing Excellence, Second Edition (Emarketing Essentials)


ISBN: 0750663596;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 360

As with the rest of the Emarketing Essentials series, the key features of Emarketing Excellence are that it is: * Applied - Based on the CIM E-Marketing Award but giving in-depth insights that can be applied by readers to their organisation. * Practical - case studies from B2C, B2B, NfP, large and small organisations as practical. UK and European emphasis. * Balanced - insights based on industry research, reports and some academic work where appropriate. Also a range of viewpoints - not just the author's view, but also other leading opinion formers. * Dynamic - content is bang up-to-date and with web links for every chapter showing readers where they can go to stay up-to-date * Accessible - Relevant to all marketers whether specialising in e-marketing or marketing managers or marketing assistants looking to work smarter. * Successful- The first ed has sold 3,700 copies * Provides guidance on how to write, edit and publish more effective content...