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Larry Phillips

SPHR Exam Prep: Senior Professional in Human Resources (Exam Prep)

Обложка книги SPHR Exam Prep: Senior Professional in Human Resources (Exam Prep)

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ISBN: 0789734974
Издательство: Pearson Education
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 720
Score higher on your SPHR exam with the most comprehensive book on the market. The SPHR Exam Prep is the most comprehensive SPHR book on the market. Written by Larry Phillips , a leading expert on the SPHRA exam,A each exam objective is thoroughly detailed, providing you with the exact informationA youA need to know to score higher on your exam. A The SPHR Exam Prep also features the Exam Prep Proven Method of Study, which includes Exam Alerts, tips, notes, sidebars, hundreds of SPHR practice questions, relevant exercises, review breaks, a glossary, objective reference sheet, a practice exam CD, and a full practice exam in the book. The book provides succinct information regarding the various sub-disciplines of the body of knowledge of Human Resource Management and emphasized those areas that are covered on the SPHR examination. A ...
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