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From Underdogs To Tigers: The Rise And Growth Of The Software Industry In Brazil, China, India, Ireland, And Isreal

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ISBN: 0199275602
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionIn 1980 the Indian software industry was practically non-existent. By the 1990s the industry was one of the largest employers in manufacturing. Similar patterns of growth can be found in other emerging economies. So given that the software industry is commonly viewed as a high-tech industry, how is it that such spectacular growth has occurred in countries where high-tech industries would not seem likely to develop? This book examines the reasons behind this phenomenon, and asks whetherit suggests a new model of economic development. The contributors explore the implications of the rise of these newcomers to the software market for the global industry, and whether there are things to be learned about the role of human capital in economic growth, firm formulation and capabilities, business and managerial models and industry structure. Chapters include country studies on Brazil, China, India, Ireland and Israel and are complemented by cross-cutting chapters on some of...