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Ed Aswad

IBM in Endicott (Images of America)

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ISBN: 0738537004
Издательство: Arcadia Publishing
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionIBM is heir to all the ideas for innovative ciphering machines of the past. From granite blocks used to tell time, to beads used for accounting purposes, to punch cards, to computer chips as small as a raindrop, all are the historical roots of this corporate legend. IBM began with a small group of visionaries whose first factory was in a dismal garret in Binghamton, New York. By the time the Bundy Manufacturing Company relocated to Endicott, New York, it was part of the greatest industrial revolution in the world: the birth of computing technology. IBM in Endicott illustrates the development of a corporation and the people and ideas that made IBM a household word.