Обложка книги Consolation: A Novel

Consolation: A Novel

ISBN: 0316734985;
Издательство: Little, Brown and Company
Страниц: 352

From the award-winning author of Martin Sloane and Fidelity comes a riveting story of two families in two different centuries--one searching for the past, the other creating a record of it. Before his death, David Hollis determined the location of an invaluable treasure: a trove of photographs, the earliest pictures ever taken of Toronto. The glass negatives were presumably in a strongbox on a ship that sank in the city's harbor a century and a half earlier. That wreck, by David's calculations, now lay beneath a landfill in the process of being excavated for a new sports arena. If construction can be halted for a search, a unique record of the city's birth might be reclaimed for all. Facing skepticism and resistance, David's widow, Marianne, embarks on a wrenching quest to find the photos, with the avid help--whether she wants it or not--of her daughter's fiancA?A©. Each step of their path reveals more about David's motivations and about Jem Hallam, the English immigrant...