Обложка книги Easier, Simpler, Faster: Systems Strategies for Lean IT

Easier, Simpler, Faster: Systems Strategies for Lean IT


ISBN: 1563273535;
Издательство: Productivity Press
Страниц: 163

For your lean transformation to be successful, your IT system must support it! To enhance and sustain its lean journey, a company must implement information systems that fully support and enhance the lean initiative. In Easier, Simpler, Faster: Systems Strategy for Lean IT, Jean Cunningham and Duane Jones introduce a case study of an actual lean implementation involving an IT system of a mid-size manufacturer, highlighting the IT issues that they faced during their lean transformation. This compelling book fully explains: What your company should do in regard to information systems as it implements lean. The changes that will be required in the information system to make it a partner with, rather than a barrier to, your company becoming a lean manufacturer and ultimately a lean enterprise. The opportunities that will arise for the information systems team to eliminate waste and apply lean principles in its own operations. This book will provide you with a broader...