Обложка книги Locas: A Love & Rockets Book

Locas: A Love & Rockets Book

ISBN: 156097611X;
Издательство: Fantagraphics Books
Страниц: 780

A group of Mexican-American women come of age in Southern California's burgeoning punk rock scene in the early 1980s and mature into the present. One of the most humane, graceful and imaginatively inexhaustible artists in American popular culture, Jaime Hernandez has created in Locas one of the great American novels of the last 25 years, graphic or otherwise. Spanning a quarter-century, Locas tells the story of Maggie Chascarrillo, a bisexual, Mexican-American woman attempting to define herself in a community rife with class, race and gender issues. Maggie's story begins in the early-1980s Southern California rock scene, when it was shifting from the excesses of glitter rock to the gritty basics of punk and new wave. "Hardcore" punk rock came to the fore, and the teenaged Maggie finds herself drawn to the anarchy, energy and diversity of the scene, which in the hands becomes a very real, habitable place populated with authentic human beings rather than...