Обложка книги Luftwaffe: 1946 Pocket Manga Volume 2 (Pocket Manga (Antarctic Press))

Luftwaffe: 1946 Pocket Manga Volume 2 (Pocket Manga (Antarctic Press))


ISBN: 1932453040;
Издательство: Antarctic Press
Страниц: 128

In real history, the combined Allied forces stopped Hitler's weapons of mass destruction in 1945. It could have been worse - much worse. In another past, almost ours but not quite, things are...different. Something has changed; a few people meant to die did not...and now World War II lasts until 1946, German testing-stage projects see combat, and one woman's pursuit of Man's true origins leads the Nazis to establish a base in Antarctica! Ramjet fighters, supersonic fighters, flying saucers, orbiting spacecraft - they have it all, yet they're still fighting for survival. A few key people know things are wrong, though, and seek to change the future by changing the past. History was never like this...but it could have been.