Обложка книги Marge's Little Lulu Volume 4: Lulu Goes Shopping

Marge's Little Lulu Volume 4: Lulu Goes Shopping


ISBN: 1593072708;
Издательство: Dark Horse
Страниц: 200

Long before the days of pint-sized, chemically powered, supergirl trios, there was one very special little girl who earned generations of fans and helped make the world a better place using only her natural smarts, her big heart, and a healthy dose of sass. Whether she's outsmarting Tubby and his fellow "Boys Only Club" members in the name of fairness and equality, weaving hilarious tall tales to entertain the irascible tot Alvin, or simply using her keen wit to think her way out of a million impossible situations, Little Lulu remains one of the most lovable comic-book heroines ever. As fresh and funny today as they were decades ago, these classic comics will keep you laughing and reading for ages.

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