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Hyun Se Lee

Nambul: War Stories 1: Invasion (Nambul: War Stories)

Обложка книги Nambul: War Stories 1: Invasion (Nambul: War Stories)

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ISBN: 1586649175
Издательство: CPM Manhwa
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 312
The clouds of war are growing thicker. As the second Middle Eastern war drives the world economy toward another crisis, Japan decides to invade Indonesia in search of a new source of oil. Forces are being deployed, and secret alliances are being made. Meanwhile, Hesung, the leader of the Korean-Japanese teenage mob, gets caught on camera by an NHK reporter as he murders the leader of a Yakuza boss on the streets on Tokyo. Now, with the evidence of his act of violence captured on tape, his life is about to change forever.