Обложка книги Psychic Academy, Vol. 3

Psychic Academy, Vol. 3


ISBN: 1591826233;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

*From the prolific creator of 18 manga titles including the best-selling series Escaflowne *TOKYOPOP to release animated series on DVD Fall 2005 A mysterious new girl named Faafa sweeps into school and enchants Ai with the romantic notion of ditching class, a way to achieve true A???freedomA???E Ai isnA???t necessarily sold on the idea, but heA???s also not the biggest fan of school, so he humors her by at least attempting to embrace this new form of academic self-expressionA??A¦that is until Myu shows up to take him back to class. However, Faafa wonA???t surrender her new playmate without a fight, and the chase begins!