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Kurt Busiek, Stuart Immonen, Jeremy Cox, Wade Von Grawbadger

Shockrockets: We Have Ignition

Обложка книги Shockrockets: We Have Ignition

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ISBN: 1593071299
Издательство: Dark Horse
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 160
It's 2071 A.D. In the wake of a devastating alien war, earth is protected by the Shockrockets - an unbeatable squadron of hi-tech aerial fighter craft, built from a fusion of captured alien technology and the best Earth has to offer. Manned by the world's most elite pilots, the Shockrockets protect an unstable Earth from natural disasters, worldwide piracy, rampaging mutantions and more. But now the Shockrockets face their most dangerous challenge - an all-out strike to take over earth from the military genius that saved the planet a generation ago. Their only real hope is Alejandro Cruz, a young man who becomes the newest Shockrocket pilot by a freak of chance. Will his outsider status prove to be the only thing that can unlock the true secret of the Shockrockets technology, and give the world a chance to remain free?
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