Обложка книги Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti Western

ISBN: 1929998910;
Издательство: Oni Press
Страниц: 136

Sometimes in life, you have to go for broke. And when you have nothing to lose, it can make for some strange bedfellows. Take the modern-day bank robbers of Spaghetti Western. One is an old man whose clock is ticking under the weight of a terminal illness. The other is a younger man with no direction, nowhere to go. The two of them decide that maybe the problem isn't them, but the life of modern convenience that they live. Where have the cowboys gone, where are the rebels? Why can't their existence be like those old Clint Eastwood movies they both love? Armed with vintage outfits and antique guns bought off the internet, and riding horses stolen from a local Equestrian center, the duo descend upon a Californian savings and loan ready to take the rich fatcats for all they're worth. And then the fun begins...

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