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Bill Mantlo, Gerry Conway, Tony Isabella, Dan Slott, Eric Fein, Steve Ditko, Rick Leonardi, June Bri

Captain Universe: Power Unimaginable TPB

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ISBN: 0785118918
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 168
He's the hero who could be you... but in these stories, being a burglar, a college professor, and an astronaut will have to do! Whether it's half-sized as a child or doubled as twins, the Uni-Power transforms its lucky recipient into Captain Universe - countering crises that range from a masked marauder to the edge of apocalypse! Guest-starring the Hulk, doing the non-mutant cosmic super-hero thing years before Spider-Man made it popular! Collects Marvel Spotlight #9-11, Incredible Hulk Annual #10, Marvel Fanfare #25, Web of Spider-Man Annual #5-6, Marvel Comic Presents #148, and Cosmic Power Unlimited #5.