Обложка книги Fushigi Yugi, Volume 7: Castaway (Fushigi Yugi)

Fushigi Yugi, Volume 7: Castaway (Fushigi Yugi)

ISBN: 1591161398;
Издательство: VIZ Media LLC
Страниц: 200

The ceremony to summon the Suzaku has been ruined by Amiboshi, a Seiryu warrior posing as Chiriko. When hope seems lost, Tai Yi Jun appears from a flame and tells Miaka of the Jewel of the Northern God that may be the key to completing the ceremony. But Miaka also learns that to lure the Suzaku, she must be a virgin. Can she bring herself to sever her relationship with Tamahome? "A sweeping saga.... Watase has an excellent grasp of characterization." ? Wizard magazine