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Steve Niles

Guns, Drugs, and Monsters: Cal McDonald, Monster Hunter, Book 2 (Cal Mcdonald Mysteries)

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ISBN: 1596871342
Издательство: ibooks, Inc
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 224
When the living, decapitated head of Cal McDonald's old buddy shows up on his doorstep, it launches the monster hunting private eye out of his familiar surroundings and into the nightmarish underworld of Los Angeles. There, Cal must face a savage pair of bestial killers and a bloodthirsty vampire as he strives to help his unfortunate friend. Little does he know that he's stepping into the grips of a demonic deal. Hard-boiled detective tales in the tradition of Chandler and Hammett take a wicked spin in the hands of Steve Niles who in Guns, Drugs, and Monsters adds ghosts, ghouls, and a nasty hangover to the classic genre.
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