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Joe Kubert

Jew Gangster: A Father's Admonition (Jew Gangster)

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ISBN: 1596878274
Издательство: ibooks graphic novels
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 128
With his father's words, "Don't be a jew gangster," still ringing in his head, a young man finds himself doing just that, as no other path in life opens for him. Easy money and easier women lure him into doing the dirty work of the local gang; it's not a pretty life, but he can eat well, and his mother's apartment continues to get heat all through the cold winter. But what he has to pay?in flesh, in pride, in honor?may not be worth all he earns. With the same intensity and eye for detail that he put into Yossel, Joe Kubert recreates a time when even the most innocent person was caught up in the dark underbelly of society.