Обложка книги Love Mode 1 (Yaoi) (Love Mode)

Love Mode 1 (Yaoi) (Love Mode)

ISBN: 1598160109;
Издательство: Blu
Страниц: 192

When Izumi, a typical straight high school student, is mistaken for a male escort from a gay dating club, he begins a sexual odyssey filled with heated passion and sparkling romance. After a surprising date with the charming Takamiya, Izumi tries to deny that he is developing feelings for another man. But desire begins to take over, and Izumi's amorous feelings are further catapulted into the stratosphere when Takamiya showers him with affection, and talks of taking a vacationA??"and moreA??"with his new young stud...In Love Mode, it's not about who you love...it's about how. The eagerly awaited classic boy's love saga has finally been released!

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Jesse Russell
Love Mode is a yaoi manga series by Shimizu Yuki.