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Mike Carey

Lucifer: The Wolf Beneath the Tree - Book #8 (Lucifer (Graphic Novels))

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ISBN: 140120502X
Издательство: Vertigo
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 160
The eighth volume of writer Mike Careys beguiling LUCIFER series continues the saga of the Lightbringer, who now faces a deadly new threat to both his Creation and our own. Fenris, the acme of ruin and destruction, has awoken into Gods absence, and he stalks the World-Tree Yggdrasil where he is destined to end of the world. Only Elaine Belloc, the Archangel Michael and Lucifer stand in his wayand their efforts may only hasten the end of all things. THE WOLF BENEATH THE TREE also showcases the special stories Lilith and Neutral Ground.
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