Обложка книги Nightwing: On the Razors Edge - Volume 7 (Nightwing (Graphic Novels))

Nightwing: On the Razors Edge - Volume 7 (Nightwing (Graphic Novels))

ISBN: 1401204376;
Издательство: DC Comics
Страниц: 192

Bldhaven has seen its share of battles between its costumed protector, Nightwing, and various criminals. But when an army of ninjas arrives, its only a harbinger of the deadliest threat yet. Shrike, long thought dead, is back, and he wants revenge on his childhood palNightwing. Shrikes current master, Blockbuster, would be only too happy to see the vigilante destroyed, but Shrike wants to see to Nightwings destruction personally.

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