Обложка книги Scarface, Volume 1

Scarface, Volume 1

ISBN: 1595820175;
Издательство: DH Press
Страниц: 300

Scarface, aka Tony Montana, has held an iconic status in the American psyche ever since Al Pacino portrayed him in Oliver Stone's classic movie in 1983. The Cuban exile who became a bloody mobster has remained an enduring, controversial character, and Scarface: Book 1 provides a new glimpse into this tragic life. The first of two novels on Montana, Book 1 explores the gangster's life in Cuba, revealing the events that shaped the man who would later become Scarface. The book chronicles Montana's life in Castro's nightmarish regime explaining why ? and how ? he managed to escape the island and make his way in Florida. L. A. Banks's taut narration is incisive and heartfelt, and takes readers deep into the mind of one of America's most classic characters.

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