Обложка книги Shaolin White Dragon: An Introduction

Shaolin White Dragon: An Introduction

ISBN: 0974561185;
Издательство: LIGATT Publishing
Страниц: 125

Returning home from his last day of work with the only reward for his forty years of labor, a gold watch. Elijah Spellman slip and falls, hitting his head on the pavement and breaking his precious watch. When Eli wakes up, he is a different place. He is no longer alone. He has a wife, a family and a home with grandchildren. Eli knows this not his life, but he can't convince this new family. They love him. The only thing Eli still has with him from his former life is his broken watch. Gradually, Eli begins to believe in the new life. He falls in love with his wife, of forty years. He learns to appreciate his children. He can't dismiss the painful paradox his powerful memories create, but he chooses to learn about and live this new life. That is until gets his watch fixed. This is a fast past suspense, mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat!