Обложка книги The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 17

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 17

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ISBN: 1560975369;
Издательство: Fantagraphics Books
Страниц: 120

Volume 17 of the complete works of America's most infamous cartoonist! After many Eisner and Harvey comics awards, the Complete Crumb series comes to a close (at least in its current format?we will continue to collect the entirety of Crumb's career in single-volume collections like Hup and Mystic Funnies , beginning in 2005). This 17th volume collects a creatively fertile period for Crumb, having given up the editorial reins of his own legendary Weirdo magazine, allowing Crumb to get back to the proverbial drawing board. Included are Crumb's contributions to Weirdo from this period, as well as work from Whole Earth Review, Zap Comix, Premiere magazine, as well as many other rare gems. This volume, as with all volumes, includes a new introduction by Crumb as well as a new cover. The Complete Crumb series leaves no stone unturned, publishing everything from Crumb's most well-known comics to little-seen commercial art and...

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