Обложка книги Until the Full Moon Volume 2 (Until the Full Moon)

Until the Full Moon Volume 2 (Until the Full Moon)

ISBN: 1932480897;
Издательство: Broccoli Books
Страниц: 192

Who would have thought that there was anything worse than changing into a woman on nights of the full moon? Marlo certainly didn't. But now his engagement to David Vincent, the handsome skirt-chasing vampire, has been jeopardized by threats from the past. When one of David's former flames sends for him, begging for help, she neglects to include all the details. then a glass of "special" wine causes some childish complications. And to make matters worse, it seems that David's father has a few secrets of his own that may very well tear David and Marlo apart. Can Marlo and David overcome these pitfalls, or is their love doomed to fail?

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