Обложка книги Yellow, Volume 1

Yellow, Volume 1

ISBN: 1569709521;
Издательство: Digital Manga Publishing
Страниц: 184

Straight and macho Taki partners with feminine and gay Goh to form an expert team of bandits hired by the police to steal from the mafia. Lately, Goh has been more interested in acquiring Taki's feelings than the usual caches of arms and drugs. Will Taki and Goh form a new kind of partnership? Volume one of Yellow begins with a brewing personal interest between Taki and Goh, though Taki is still unwilling to answer to Goh's desires. A gangster's jealousy leads to Taki's kidnapping, and it's up to Goh's cunning and charms to save him. Working solo, it's also up to Goh to find the drugs he was hired to steal while sidestepping a police conspiracy powder keg.

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