Обложка книги +ANIMA  (Vol. 1)

+ANIMA (Vol. 1)

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ISBN: 1598163477;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

The +Anima are beings who possess animal-like powers. They walk among us in an alternate universe--shunned by society--as they search for others who have similar powers.Cooro is a boy with crow-like powers who is on a quest to find other +Anima. When he meets Husky, a disrespectful boy with a past shrouded in mystery, he finds a kindred spirit who also possesses animal-like powers. Together, they try to gain acceptance in a world cruel to anyone or anything that is different...Already a hit in Japan and Europe, Mukai-sensei's epic fantasy series is a journey of wonder and awe!

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