Обложка книги Bardin the Superrealist

Bardin the Superrealist

ISBN: 1560977590;
Издательство: Fantagraphics
Страниц: 80

Surrealism and absurd humor wrestle with philosophy and theology in full-color graphic novel from Spain. Created over a period of ten years by the acclaimed Spanish cartoonist Max ( The Extended Dream of Mr. D , Drawn and Quarterly), BardA­n the Superrealist is a suite of stories, musings and gags that, much like Dan Clowes's Ice Haven , can be read individually or together as one overarching story. Heavily influenced by surrealists such as Luis BuA±uel, and graphically by "clear-line" cartoonists from HergA© ( Tintin ) to Chris Ware, BardA­n the Superrealist begins when everyman BardA­n finds himself suddenly transported (well, at least his upper half) to another dimension, where an "Andalusian Dog" (a reference to BuA±uel's Un Chien Andalou ) serves as his ill-tempered guide. In a series of vignettes, gags, illustrations, text pieces, and dream stories, ping-ponging back between the surrealist world and the "real"...

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