Обложка книги Bizenghast 2 (Bizenghast)

Bizenghast 2 (Bizenghast)

ISBN: 1595327444;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

As Dinah and Vincent continue their quest to solve the rest of the Mausoleum's riddles, the journey leads them into the heart of an underwater forest, through the eerie woods of the town's early past and across the deck of a crowded sea vessel--headed straight for the heart of a typhoon! But a trial far more frightening than any vault is at hand for Dinah and Vincent, as they attempt to cheat the Mausoleum of its contract, only to discover the one thing that is more bent on revenge than the Mausoleum's spirits..."The next great fantasy series!" A??"ign.com As seen on Teen People's Hot List!

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