Обложка книги Boneyard 5 (Boneyard (Graphic Novels))

Boneyard 5 (Boneyard (Graphic Novels))

ISBN: 1561634794;
Издательство: Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing
Страниц: 116

Abbey, Michael and the Boneyard gang have to confront a two-pronged threat: a huge masked chainsaw-wielding uh, massacerist in a girlA?s summer camp and the Pumpkinhead whose very presence puts all in the ?yard into fevered sleep. Abbey barely survives the confrontation with the chainsaw brute, now itA?s up to Michael to face the worst threat? with Nodoze and a baseball bat! (collects issues 16-20).

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Boneyard was a quarterly comic book series created by R