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Neal Shaffer, Joe Infurnari

Borrowed Time Volume 1: Flight 19

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ISBN: 1932664424
Издательство: Oni Press
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 80
Taylor Devlin's life is the picture of perfect urban living. He has a great apartment with great furnishings. He is young, handsome and successful. He has a beautiful girlfriend who has just given him a wonderful watch for his birthday. Everything is perfect. But when he agreed to go to the Bermuda Triangle for a writing assignment, he never knew what he would be leaving behind. Borrowed Time is the tale of a man returning from a mysterious accident at sea, only to face a bigger challenge of understanding exactly how and why his world has changed. It is a story about Taylor being out-of-synch with the physical world and his quest to return to the life he once knew and the woman he still loves.
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